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Brand Consultation

  • Building great brands and creating meaningful communication takes both, strategy and imagination. Thanks to our rich experience in the industry, we are able to put these two together to create big ideas and bigger outcomes.

    We start by creating the brand strategy followed by the brand identity and finally, the launch plan for the new brand.
  • Brand Strategy

    Before starting work on a new brand identity, we draw up a brand strategy to form a set of values and a proposition that captures the essence of the brand and the goals of the business. In principle, it’s creating the personality of the brand - its heritage, functions and values.
  • Brand Identity

    We go on to create the visible elements of the brand- such as colors, design, logotype, name & symbols, which together identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers' mind.
  • Launch Plan

    At this step we create the blueprint of the product launch, which typically has three steps: Pre- launch, Launch & Post-Launch. We list out the tasks involved, plan the sequence of events and most importantly, create communication that the strength to linger long after the launch.
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Brand Consultation